One week with the Apple Watch

Since getting the watch last Friday, some people have asked for my opinion about it. A few have even questioned how it could possibly be useful for anything. As a consolidated response, I present…

Things I did on my watch this week:

  1. told the time
  2. texted my wife
  3. sent sketches back and forth with my daughters
  4. remote-controlled the camera on my phone to take pictures while working on a project with the kids
  5. created a reminder for myself
  6. scanned headlines of The New York Times and saved a few articles to read later (NYTimes)
  7. sent emoji to my wife
  8. tracked calories burned while exercising
  9. listened to music while running without my phone
  10. paid for allergy medicine at Walgreens
  11. called my wife from my wrist
  12. paid for beer at the local gas station
  13. caught up on my twitter stream (Twitter)
  14. sent text messages to friends and family
  15. set a timer while cooking
  16. added items to my grocery list
  17. found my misplaced phone
  18. checked my email
  19. played an interactive fiction game (LifeLine…)
  20. woke up to the alarm in the morning
  21. checked the weather (Weather Nerd)
  22. controlled the podcasts i was listening to while in the shower (Overcast)
  23. checked my calendar
  24. set a timer to help motivate my daughter as she got ready for school
  25. listened to the audio edition of The Economist while I walked to work (The Economist)
  26. checked my heart rate
  27. unlocked the screen of my computer (Knock)
  28. checked in with a coworker (Slack)
  29. used as second factor for authentication when logging in to administer my servers (1Password)
  30. spent a lot more time on my feet (in response to prodding from the watch)
  31. looked up the lyrics to a song i was listening to (Shazam)
  32. showed my kids photos from our recent vacation
  33. searched the web for pictures of the hippocampus
  34. adjusted the volume while watching a TV show
  35. made an entry in my journal (Day One)
  36. muted every notification my phone would normally make (they all silently tap my wrist instead)
  37. took my phone out of my pocket a lot less often

Things I’ll be doing in the coming weeks:

  • display my boarding pass when getting on a flight (American Airlines)
  • get directions from the airport to my hotel
  • unlock the door to my hotel room (SPG)
  • buy coffee (Starbucks)
  • remote control a presentation (PowerPoint)

It’s probably worth mentioning that I also tried out a lot of other watch apps that’s weren’t useful, so I left them out of the above list. But I’m sure there are people for whom those other apps would be useful. My point being the Apple Watch really does a lot.